The N.C.S. Computer Group was founded in 1975 (40 years old) and has produced quality automation systems to supply the industrial, military (not weapons) and Marine markets. Initially N.C.S. provided complete automation systems which provided invaluable experience in the automation field. N.C.S. produced its first Industrial PC in 1985. Today N.C.S. not only provides reliable products, but core competence, experience and continuity. Our products are used is systems which test braking systems for trains. Throughout the world, hundreds of civil and military pilots, train on flight simulators incorporating our PCs. The English military uses our systems to monitor territory via satellite, Some functions on the submarines (engine, turbine), are monitorate from our systems. Production machine and systems are from years controlled from N.C.S. computers.
The N.C.S. continues to support PISA/ISA/PCI and PC-104 BUS.
N.C.S. Computer Group launches a cost - effective, IP65 rugged PC, the Micron-II / i7-BOX is new most
cost-effective Fan-less Rugged Computer based on Intel® i3, i5 and i7
IP65/NEMA4-4x - System BOX customized - dimensions BOX only 200 (7.87) x 250 (9.84") x 65 (2.56")
Rugged Black Anodized Aluminum Enclosure - Custom OEM Branding

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